Blind Tasting with Love That Red Winery

What are the first thoughts and emotions that come to mind when you hear, “Blind Tasting”? Whether at a party, a winemaker’s event or even at home, the mere idea can feel stressful if you are a budding wine enthusiast and haven’t quite developed a refined palate (yet). But it doesn’t have to be! Many winemakers are adapting to the, “New Normal” by offering at-home wine tasting kits. For example, Love That Red Winery found a way to make blind tastings fun, not scary!

Love That Red Winery is a boutique family winery in Woodinville, Washington, home to over 100 tasting rooms. We were excited to see the blind tasting kits on social media and ordered two that arrived quickly. Each kit contains a card that explains how to do the blind tasting, five mini bottles of their wine, and underneath the wine bottles, an envelope carefully hiding the answers to the blind tasting. You can get your kit here!

Watch our video to see how we did the blind tasting – spoiler-free, we won’t give away any of the secrets! Follow us here and on social media for more of our wine recommendations and adventures!

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