About Vino Hawks

A husband and wife team sipping and road-tripping our way through life. We love and drink wines from all regions and countries. Living in Washington Wine Country and driving distance to its 950+ wineries, you’ll see a lot of Washington Wines here. Washington winemakers have this great camaraderie bonding together, helping each other, and making the entire region better for it.

When we’re not in a tasting room or visiting a vineyard, you may find us boating on Lake Washington or through the San Juan Islands or traveling for work or fun. When we’re home, we’re probably barbecuing, and you can follow us on our blog bbqhawks.com. Also, we are loyal Seahawks fans (Vino Hawks, BBQ Hawks, see a theme 😊)

Our Philosophy

We believe wine should be celebrated. Wine is for everyone and every occasion. One day we’ll drink a $10 bottle, and the next we may splurge. We don’t have any formal wine training (yet), we are real people experiencing and learning about wine and we hope you’ll come along for the journey. It all started when we met friends in the WA Wine industry ranging from award-winning Winemakers to Distributors to Chefs. We were intimidated by what we didn’t know but quickly learned how approachable they made it! We love collaborations and have a few in the works so stay tuned!

We also believe that everyone experiences wine a little differently. A budding winery might have an great tasting room experience, but need a little work on their wine or vice-verse. Maybe we had a bad day or it’s our second or third tasting of the day and our palate is shot. Wineries and winemakers constantly improve their craft. We won’t tell you we had an amazing experience if we didn’t, but you’ll see mostly the positives here. We think there should be more celebrating, less criticizing in the wine world.

SueAnn A.

At our local after-hours wine walk

I’m SueAnn, the wife in the Vino Hawks team! Like many people, I started my wine drinking by picking colorful, fun labels at the grocery store. Now living in Washington Wine Country, I’m excited to expand my knowledge of wine and to share it along the way. I’m a professional pilot for a major airline and often explore wine (and barbecue) on my travels. At home, I’m step-mom to two boys who live with us full time and enjoy hiking, skiing and hot yoga.

Sean A.

Hello from Sean, husband of the team. I’m a typical Seattleite, working on cool stuff at a giant tech company.  Away from the office, I enjoy exploring the Washington Wine Scene and teaching our sons how to properly grill and BBQ and documenting our adventures at BBQHawks.com. I used to think I was a red-only wine lover until recently whites have made a big comeback on our boat. Although I’ll sample and am always open to trying a new wine, for the most part, I’ll leave the rosé to SueAnn 😉
Other hobbies include running and scuba diving.